Sharks In Maldives

Sharks In Maldives

Diving With Sharks In Maldives 

Diving with sharks is thrilling and rewarding. The Maldives is the only place where you can see sharks year-round. Although January to March is considered the peak time for shark season in the Maldives, you can still find schools of hammerheads, spotted leopard sharks, and sinister-looking black tip harmless reef sharks throughout the year. Shark diving is often described as the pinnacle of the underwater diving experience. Mind you, being surrounded by sharks is not an experience every place can offer! 

Being the home of rich marine life, Maldives is considered the best place to go on a holiday with your favorite people. With perfect locations, beautiful islands to explore, and a lifelong experience of the spectacular underwater world. 

What Sharks Can I See? 

Exploring the southern Maldives can definitely swoop up your expectations when you go diving elsewhere. You can enjoy extraordinary dives in remote areas away from the crowd, accompanied by certified dive centers in the Maldives. 

Rasdhoo Atoll - Diver's Paradise: 

Rasdhoo Atoll is an inhabited island of Maldives and is the capital of the Atif Atoll division. Rasdhoo diving is considered a divers paradise. You can see almost all the underwater creatures like Manta rays, eels, a vast array of fish species, sharks (Especially hammerhead sharks), Monta Monta in Rasdhoo itself.

Shark Species Found in Rasdhoo Atoll Island:

  • Hammerheads
  • While Dolphins 
  • Grey Reef Shark 

Other underwater species found in Rasdhoo Atoll Island: 

  • Turtles 
  • Manta Ray 
  • Snappers 
  • Clownfish 
  • lime harlequin fish 
  • Sting Ray etc. 

Foa Mulah Island: 

This is another fantastic place to spot sharks in the Maldives. This unique island has some great dive sites bearing hidden underwater treasures. 

Main Shark Species Found in Foa Mulah: 

  • Pygmy killer whales
  • thresher sharks
  • Tiger Sharks 
  • Hammerheads 

Other underwater species found in Foa Mullah: 

  • Jacks
  • Mantas
  • Humphead wrasse

Are the Sharks in the Maldives dangerous?

At this point, most likely, you are thinking about how dangerous diving with sharks in the Maldives is? Sharks in the Maldives are not very aggressive, but caution should be exercised while diving with sharks. 

Shark Attacks In Maldives: 

Underwater creatures like sharks, eels, and barracudas look ferocious to their prey, but they tend to move away on the site of humans. 

Shark attacks: in the Maldives are quite less and almost close to zero. 

Barracudas: sometimes follow humans inquisitively to see if these big creatures will leave them anything to scavenge. 

Sting Rays:Sting rays dust themselves off at the bottom of the lagoon when divers get too close. 

Stone Fish, Scorpian fish, lionfish: These are extremely venomous but only use their venom in defense. 

Make sure you dive with a reputed dive center.These dive centers take responsibility and assist every diver both underwater and at the surface. 

How To Swim With Sharks? 

The best way to swim with sharks if you are a new or an experienced diver is to get in touch with a perfect and reputed dive center like Jerrys dive club. They will help you plan your dives according to your travel schedule and take you to the best dive spots based on what you want to see. 

You can head to the dive sites in the traditional wooden dawni boat with Jerry's Dive Club. From spectacular coral reefs, a large array of fishes, Magical Manta rays to swimming with various sharks, they will see them all. 

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