Group Diving Packages


Traveling with your best buddies? We at Jerry’s Dive Club bring to you, the best diving packages. We have concise packages from 6 dives to 20 dives.

Snorkeling Lessons and Tours


Enjoy snorkeling in shallow lagoons and discover the fascinating secrets of the underwater world.

Scuba Diving For Kids

$100per person

Even if your child does not know how to dive, they can still go scuba diving with us! We offer ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course for kids who are eight years and above

Dive Packages For Certified Divers

Night Dive


Enjoy this absolutely fantastic and rewarding experience. Discover the underwater world in a whole new light..

Single Dive and Two Dives


Single tank dive is performed using one breathing gas tank, and divers can go up to a max depth of 100 meters..

Single Tank and Double Tank

$135per person

Enjoy the focus and independence of diving alone and explore the adventures of the underwater world.