How to get to Rasdhoo

How To Get To Rasdhoo

Rasdhoo is located about 60 km west of the Velana International Airport. You can reach Rasdhoo via a speedboat, public ferry, or a seaplane

When you book your accommodation the guesthouse will usually arrange your speedboat seat in advance. If you plan to dive with us you can also contact us for assistance.

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Transportation To Rasdhoo

From Velana airport you can reach Rasdhoo in the following ways:


The quickest, but the most expensive transfer, a round trip costs about $US 365 per person. If you’re staying on Rasdhoo, an extra for speedboat will have to pick you up from the seaplane dock near Kuramathi.

Sea Plane Timings

The seaplane operated only during the day between 6:00hrs to 15:30hrs

Check-in gates close 1 hour before departure.

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On a daily basis, there are two scheduled speedboats between Rasdhoo and Velana International Airport, the price is $US 49 per way per person. On request a private speedboat can be arranged. Please contact us for prices.

Speed Boat Timings

The speedboat is leaving from the airport at 11:00 and 16:00. From Rasdhoo the speedboat departures at 7:30 and 12:30 (on Fridays the schedule varies).

Public ferry

The slowest transfer. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Rasdhoo from Male. The ferry ticket costs about $9 per person.

Public Ferry Timings

From Male (in front of Maagiri Hotel) to Rasdhoo at 9:00, operating only Monday and Thursday. From Rasdhoo to Male 11:00, Sunday and Wednesday.

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