Island Life

Bikini Beach and House Reef

The Bikini Beach stretches on the south-west edge of the island. The whole island is sitting on a reef, in fact it is a part of it. While the corrals have suffered under elevated water temperatures in the past years the waters surrounding the island are filled with marine life. Snorkeling along the beach in the shallow water is great experience.

Uninhabited islands

What is so unique about it? First of all, there is a lagoon, where you can see a real 50 shades of blue with a beautiful reef in the center. A lot of fish live on the reef and you can encounter them really close.

The second thing is the ability to through the water between these islands and sandbanks. There is some magic in the sandbanks. The outer reef of the lagoon is rich in marine life, here you can see sharks, stingrays, and turtles. There is sometimes very strong a current between Rasdhoo and the Madivaru sandbank, so please refrain from trying to swim there.

Dolphin safari

Between Rasdhoo and Thoddoo there is an area where a groupsof dolphins gathers in the evenings. They are very friendly and follow the boat. Sometimes they swim so close that you could touch them.

Night Fishing

Usually, it’s an evening or nightime activity. You do not need to be a professional angler to catch a fish in the Maldives. It is enough to have reels and fishing lines. You can ask to cook caught fish at your hotel (in most cases this is free of charge, but depends on the hotel).

Romantic dinner

It can be arranged either on the beach or on the sandbank. Based on our experience, the beach is not the best place, because there is almost always someone nearby.
For this reason, a sandbank will be the better solution. After all, there will be no one else except you. The maximum level of privacy is guaranteed!

Rasdhoo Infrastructure

Rasdhoo is the administrative center of the North Ari Atoll. This means that the island has everything you need for life:

  • Groceries and hardware stores: There you can buy fruit and drinks and also toiletries. It’s very convenient for those who left something at home.
  • Gift shops: There are a couple of gift shops on the island. There have lots of various souvenirs, everyone can find something to his liking.
  • Several cafes: There are a few local coffee shops on the island, and what’s more, most of them are intended for tourists.
  • Dive Centers: There are many dive centers on the island, the biggest on is Jerry’s Dive Club.
  • A bank and an ATM (you can withdraw Maldivian Rufia only).
  • A branch office of the mobile network operator Dhiraghu.
  • A hospital: They can help you in case if you need to see a doctor.
  • A post office
  • A police station

Where to eat in Rasdhoo?

Lemon Drop. Undoubtedly the best restaurant in Rasdhoo. Nice Maldivian breakfast and great service. Lemon Drop is serving lunch and dinner as well. The place is popular so sometimes you will have to wait for the food, but it’s worth it.

Alimente. Nice place with an excellent sea view. The best for coffee, drinks, and delicious local spicy snacks with tuna.