Snorkeling Lessons and Tours

Snorkeling Lessons and Tours

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Snorkeling can be an enriching activity. Snorkeling is swimming along the surface of the water and enjoying the underwater world equipped with a mask (or googles), a snorkel (a shaped breathing tube), and usually swimfins (or flippers). At Jerry’s Dive club we provide personalized professional snorkeling lessons and tours.

The mask allows you to have a clear vision underwater, the snorkelhelps you breathe with the face submerged by water, and the swim fins help you move with less effort and more control. Snorkeling does not require any special training, significant expenses, or intense physical exertion.

Why is Snorkeling Famous in Rasdhoo, Maldives?

When you visit the Maldives, you must experience one of its most popular activities – snorkeling. With about 2500 reefs, it is the ultimate destination for people who love underwater adventures. Of these 2500 or so reefs, nearly 900 are house reefs. There is nothing like snorkeling in the Maldives, especially in Rasdhoo island, as Rasdhoo is known for shallow lagoons and is exceptionally safe for snorkeling.

Types Of Snorkeling

  • Manta ray Snorkeling: Snorkeling with Manta rays is one of the most fascinating experiences you can have when you travel to Rasdhoo, Maldives. Manta rays are beautiful marine creatures that are majestic and as broad as 7 meters.
  • Turtle Reef Snorkeling: Turtle reef snorkeling is a breathtaking experience. If you are coming to Rasdhoo, Maldives- You must try this out. Besides seeing live corals, you get to swim with turtles. You are not required to go deep down underwater; you may experience the underwater view with a beautiful view from above.
  • Madivaru Reef Snorkeling: Madivaru reef snorkeling is a highlight in the Rasdhoo Atoll for many reasons. This reef is located just in front of the island Madivaru and has some great overhangs between 26 to 30 meters before a breathtaking drop-off. Snorkeling here proves to be a perfect opportunity for beginners to experience dives with medium to strong current. Along the reef, you can see beautiful corals and can spot many species of fishes. Do not forget to turn your head towards the blue, where pleasant surprises often appear!

What Do I Need?

  • We provide all the dive equipment for free under this course.
  • We will be providing you well-sanitized masks, fins, snorkeling gear, etc.

How Do I Book ?

  • If you have any doubts, you could contact us. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • To book the course, you can directly walk-in to our store.
  • We accept credit card payments, UPI payments, and internet banking.

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Manta Snorkeling

Majestic Manta snorkeling at the Manta point.

Turtle Reef Snorkeling

Slip into the unpaired turtle reef snorkeling experience.

Madivaru Reef Snorkeling

Spot grey reef sharks, schools of fishes, and more!

3 Spot Snorkeling

Legendary dive sites with a unique 3 spot snorkeling experience.

Snorkeling Lesson

Become a scuba diver and join our snorkeling lessons.

Swimming Lesson

Learn all major swimming strokes step-by-step.

Introduction to Marine Life

Introduction to marine life on your first scuba dip.


Snorkeling Lessons and Tours starting from $35Onwards